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What is Power Flushing?

  • Process of removing or ‘flushing out’ accumulated sludge deposits from central heating systems.
  • A Powerflush can make a central heating system
    • More efficient
    • Helps you save money
    • Avoid expensive repairs
  • Over the lifespan of a central heating system ‘sludge’ will accumulate and can potentially have disastrous consequences on the efficiency of the system.
  • High fuel bills and replacement parts to the system are unavoidable if internal corrosion is allowed to take place. Powerflushing can help prevent this.
  • The build up of ‘sludge’ in a hot water central heating system is inevitable no matter what fuel source is used.

How is a Power Flush done?

  • Usually carried out in a day on residential properties, commercial buildings may take longer.
  • Our Power Flush unit is connected to your pump or radiators . The Power Flush machine will then flush your system through with chemicals which loosen the sludge.
  • You will be left with clean radiators and pipes, rust protected and will prolong the life of your entire central heating system as well as lowering fuel bills.


  • Improves central heating efficiency
  • Prevents build up of ‘sludge’ in the system
  • Extends the life of boiler and radiators
  • Improves water circulation
  • Reduces boiler noise
  • Heating up times are reduced
  • Hotter radiators working to full capacity
  • Savings on fuel bills
  • Can be done in just one day or less for most residential properties


We are a family run small business, so our price reflects value for money in the market. Prices are very competitive and it’s a good investment given that an entire new system could be up to £5000. Call for a no obligation quote.

What we will give you….

  • A certificate proving and guaranteeing the inner cleanliness of your system
  • A competitive price package
  • An improved efficiency in your central heating system.
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